Shahrukh`s dimples + eyes +smile + eyebrows + eyelashes = cutiness

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aww, what we have here??

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Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)
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[HQ] Happy New Year Posters .. ||  [ VIDEO ] Happy New Year Motion Poster

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Bang Bang poster! Hrithik and Katrina are on fire! 

omygod yaymmmeeeeee

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Bindi can usually be described as a traditional red circular mark or dot worn by the Indian women on their forehead. When this is accompanied by a vermillion mark on the parting of hair just above the forehead, it indicates that the particular lady is married. The term ‘bindi’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘bindu’ meaning “a drop or a small dot or particle”. Even though traditionally, bindi is a red colored dot, it can be worn in other colors also, like yellow, orange and so on. The shape and size of the bindi can also vary.

Conventionally, it’s the Hindu married women who wear bindi. But, this mark can have several meanings and so, you may also see unmarried girls and even children wearing it. It’s the occasion, the color of the bindi and its shape that determines what it denotes. The customary bindi is made with red sindoor powder. The bindi is called the tilak when it’s applied on the forehead of a person, at the conclusion of a religious function or havan.

The purpose of wearing a bindi can also vary. If it covers the entire forehead in three horizontal lines, then it denotes the wearer is an ascetic or belongs to a particular sect (like Brahmin). Sometimes, the bindi is used for mere beautification purpose by females. In this case, you may also find her wearing a small jewelry instead of the typical red dot. Though in India, a widow cannot wear a vermillion, she is free to sport a bindi.

Bindi is called by different names in different languages of India. Thus, alternative names for bindi is Pottu in Tamil and Malayalam, Tilak in Hindi, Bottu or Tilakam in Telugu, Bottu or Tilaka in Kannada and Teep meaning “a pressing” in Bengali. Sometimes, the terms sindoor, kumkum, or kasturi are used depending upon the ingredients used in making the Bindi mark.


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"tum oxygen ho aur main double hydrogen humari chemistry ekdum paani ki tarah hai"

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Kangana Ranaut for Grazia India 

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Ranveer Singh »> Durex
(Behind The Scenes)

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It was exactly 30 years ago August 10 1984, when the name „Madhuri Dixit“ first appeared on the big screen and she literally rode into a frame. Sitting on a horse she caused a commotion at a small village fair, and went on to become an innocent, obstinate bride draped in sarees which were obviously too overwhelming for her tiny frame. The four years between Abodh and Tezaab gave her time to grow and mature, both as a person and as a performer, and when the luck finally raised her from amongst the mass of the struggling starlets into the league of superstars, she was ready and armed to face the challenge and to defend her place in the sun. Today she is still basking in its glory, her name etched into the film history with a golden thread. Few bothered about her at first, since she was neither a beauty Queen nor she could boast of illustrious film ancestry, fewer still believed she could be truly popular, and none could have imagined the impact she would eventually have. Yet today, 30 years later, Madhuri Dixit stands as a reference point of acting, dancing, beauty and all that makes an artist and a star. Being a favourite of Dilip Kumar, Waheeda Rehman and Vyjayanthimala, she has also earned the deepest respect of all her contemporaries and undying admiration from the new generations of actors and actresses.

With the greediness so typical for audience always hungry for more, we would like to make a wish today, for another 30 years of Madhuri Dixit, and we also want to thank her for all the joy she has already brought to us through her work and efforts.  

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